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Pallets on the run offer a comprehensive repair service that includes repairs of missing bearings, frayed timber and disintegrated timber. Arrangements can be for prompt pick-up and return of your pallets.

  • Any unused pallets you want removed or upgraded, all you need to do is contact pallets on the run for a quick and fast pick-up and delivery.
  • Our delivery service operates during business hours and also we have an emergency delivery service.
  • We also have a service called (owner pick-up). This means we allow the customer to pick-up any emergency or preferably pallet service.
  • Our companionable staff will assist in any pick-up requirements. We will load your vehicle at safety standards.
  • We have a free delivery service for a large quantity amount for local areas. We offer a fast and reliable service to meet our customer’s needs.
Important Notice: Optus Outage

Our landline phone service is unavailable due to Optus Outage. We encourage you to reach out to us via email at Our email address is active and ready to assist you.
Thank you for your understanding.
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